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Vortex Plus™ Ozone UV Water Purifier

Vortex Plus Water Purifier Units and Faucet Kits are on Back Order for
two months.

Vortex Plus Replacement Filters are In Stock.

Ozone created within this unit, is the most powerful oxidant known to destroy contaminates!

Proven technologies into one compact design

Providing unparalleled convenience in supplemental bactericidal treatment combined with built-in
post-treatment filtration!

THE ONLY Certified Water Machine!
Easy to use and installs quickly without a plumber.

Faucet attachment available at extra charge
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Vortex PlusWater Purifier
Performance Test Results


Contaminant Reduction

Notes/Source of Data

 Free Chlorine


Per ANSI / NSF 42Spectrum Labs

 Particulates, including cysts like Cryptosporidium and Giardia

 99.98% of 3-4 micron particles
Rated for cyst reduction

Per ANSI / NSF 53
Spectrum Labs

(@6.5 pH)


Per ANSI / NSF 53
Spectrum Labs

(@8.5 pH)


Per ANSI / NSF 53
Spectrum Labs

Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Ultraviolet performance test organism)


Per ANSI / NSF 55

Spectrum Labs

UV intensity for non-pathogenic microbial reduction

22,500 microwatt-seconds per square centimeter

Per ANSI / NSF 55
Spectrum Labs




Ozone, which is the most powerful useful oxidant known to destroy contaminates, is created within the unit. The Ultraviolet (UV) light produces two wavelengths of UV. One is a germicidal wavelength, and the other produces ozone. This ozone is siphoned and mixed with incoming water. When ozone oxidizes it leaves no chemical residue and improves the taste of your drinking water.


Instead of attempting to filter out bacteria and viruses, our patented process using both ozone and ultraviolet light, the Vortex Plus™ creates a harmful environment to the bacteria and viruses that destroys them!


Photo-oxidation is what makes the Vortex Plus™ so unique, combining the ozone and UV in a patented process. The UV "catalyzes" the ozone to produce an even more rapid and effective reaction in a compact space. Actually increasing ozone’s effectiveness to destroy bacteria and viruses any where from 2 to 50 times greater than before.


The Vortex Plus™ uses a high-performance, 2 micron filter with lead adsorption media. This patented filter will trap dissolved lead and chlorine. PLUS, it will trap tiny microscopic particles such as parasitic cysts (even the sometimes deadly MICROBE .


As further protection against microorganisms, the Vortex Plus™ Water Purifier again exposes the filtered water to high-intensity UV before the water leaves the unit.



  • The Vortex Plus™ Water Purifier comes ready to quickly install at almost any sink faucet with the supplied diverter valve.
  • If you prefer, it can also be wall mounted or mounted under-counter with the optional dedicated faucet kit. Click here for diagrams.
  • Unit needs an electric power source to plug into
  • For severely contaminated water, you may want to consider a pre-filter. For great pre-filter options Click Here 

Terminology Defined:


Ozone is an unstable allotrope of oxygen. Normally, an oxygen molecule consists of two oxygen atoms. Under certain conditions, three atoms of oxygen will bond together, forming ozone. Ozone is normally "uncomfortable" lugging around that extra oxygen atom; it wants to become oxygen again. To do so, the Ozone either spontaneously converts back to oxygen with time (2 Ozone molecules forming 3 Oxygen molecules), or it gets rid of it's extra oxygen atom by "oxidizing" something else. The oxidation reaction is what makes ozone useful in treating water.

In the Vortex Plus™, ozone is created from oxygen in the air. Any ozone not consumed in the process is fully converted back to oxygen after the water has been treated.

Ultraviolet Exposure (UV)

UV light is light that has a wavelength shorter than visible light, but not as short as X-radiation. However, like X-radiation, it is harmful to living cells. The UV light destroys DNA in living cells, rendering them unable to reproduce, or killing them outright.


Photo-oxidation is what makes the Vortex Plus™ Water Purifier unique, and what allows it to be so effective in such a compact space. In the photo-oxidation process, the germicidal UV "catalyzes" the ozone, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of the oxidation reaction.

Activated Carbon Filtration

Activated carbon filtration provides additional protection against chemical contaminants. Through chemical adsorption, many common contaminants, including chlorine, become trapped in the microscopic fissures in activated carbon granules.

Lead Adsorbent Media

This adsorbent media included with the filter permanently and irreversibly traps dissolved lead.

The Water Machine™ filter provides 2 micron particulate filtration for the elimination of cysts 
(like Giardia and Cryptosporidium). The uniform construction and radial flow design insures even flow and eliminates channeling.


University of Arizona Test Results:

During 1993, extensive testing of our unit was taking place at the Microbiology lab of the University of Arizona in Tucson, under the supervision of Dr. Charles P. Gerba, Ph.D. Among other bacteria and viruses, the unit was tested for its effectiveness against "MS-2," one of the most resistant organisms known. These tests were part of the preliminaries required for EPA approval. The test results are most impressive. Dr. Gerba stated that no water purification unite he ever tested so quickly passed the preliminary stages as The Vortex Machine. To the best of our knowledge at this time, no water purifier on the U.S. market has achieved EPA approval.

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Summary of University of Costa Rica Tests
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