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Information - Solar Comfort Electric Furnace
The Next Generation of Space Heaters

$50 Savings
was $549 NOW $499

(Sale ends without notice)

Click Here To Purchase Solar Comfort

Additional Features:

  • *REDUCED ENERGY CONSUMPTION: The Solar Comfort Heating System used 35% less energy than a conventional electric furnace/baseboard system, as proven in a utility's field test for a full heating season. Calculations show that the Solar Comfort will heat more efficiently than the Heat Pump. When compared with today's spiraling gas, propane, and fuel oil cost, the Solar Comfort Heating System provides even greater savings.
  • HEAT NOT WASTED NEAR CEILING: Unique Solar Comfort process virtually prevents the wasteful air layering of the conventional heating systems.
  • INEXPENSIVE, EASIER TO INSTALL: Lower purchase/installation cost per heated square foot. No special 24Ov wiring or expensive, inefficient ducting, piping or chimneys required. Home or business owners can install the system in most applications.
  • ZONE HEATING CONCEPT SAVES MONEY: Using individually controlled units, the Solar Comfort System provides heat only where and when it is needed for more control over area comfort and energy bills.
  • LOWER OPERATING/MAINTENANCE COST: Virtually maintenance free. No furnace filters to clean or replace. No burners to rust, corrode or adjust. Long- life industrial infrared lamps are replaced easily and inexpensively. A full three-year warranty--including lamps--protects the consumer's investment.
  • DOES NOT REMOVE HUMIDITY FROM AIR: Actually helps maintain desirable humidity levels, while water does not readily collect on the windows as with conventional systems
  • EVEN HEAT, WARMER FLOORS: Due to Solar Comfort's unique concept, heated air does not concentrate near the ceiling as with all other conventional systems--for more comfort at floor level. Temperature difference, from floor to ceiling, is no more than 2 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • FEWER DRAFTS. QUIET: The Solar Comfort System's efficiency is based on the distribution of energized air. And water molecules and does not depend on high-speed airflow.
  • CLEAN, FRESH AIR WITHOUT FURNACE FILTERS: In a total Solar Comfort heated environment the air will not readily suspend solid particles. Most dust and smoke will dissipate without the use filters.
  • NO COMBUSTION, NO FUMES: A safe clean infrared heat chamber provides the energy. Tests prove the unit does not transmit any energy into the atmosphere that will burn or harm anyone, regardless of distance between the person and the heating unit.

APPROVED FOR ZERO-CLEARANCE: The Solar Comfort unit may be installed next to flammable materials with no safety clearance needed.

1-A INSURANCE RATING: This highest safety rating means the lowest possible insurance cost, offering additional savings in most areas

SOLAR COMFORT ELECTRONIC HEATING: Conserving energy and improving our living environment.

No doubt you can see the potential of this extraordinary heating system for both SUPPLEMENTARY AND TOTAL HEATING. It is conceivable that the Solar Comfort Electronic Heating system revolutionized the heating industry in the same way that microwave cooking revolutionized food preparation.


The Solar Comfort by Sun Cloud infrared heating system is a
revolutionary concept offering more efficient heat at less cost.
Solar Comfort's impressive air quality and effective heating
performance are the result of an innovative system design using
absorption of infrared energy by a unique heat exchanger to
produce, mix, circulate and recycle heated air at the proper
location. The resulting even distribution minimizes heat loss at
walls, windows, and ceilings; saving heat, energy, and money!
This system heats air in much the same way that the sun heats the
earth and its atmosphere by means of safe infrared absorption hence
the name Solar Comfort.

The Solar Comfort UNLIKE kerosene, gas, or wood heating which must have excessive ventilation, (cold air coming into the house)  permits the structure to be closed for efficient heating with no danger of monoxide poisoning or asphyxiation. Solar Comfort heaters are equipped with a lifetime washable static filter system which will remove airborne particles as the air is pulled into the Solar Comfort heating system. The Solar Comfort is constructed of lifetime galvanized steel, copper and aluminum metals.

The Solar Comfort has lower operating and maintenance costs.
There is only one moving part, the fan motor, and is equipped with
quality trouble free controls. There are no burners to rust, corrode
or adjust; no pilot light to waste energy. Safe, clean, long-life
infrared lamps provide the heat energy and are replaced easily and
inexpensively. (Average lamp life is 5000+ hours or approximately
3-5 years)
. The Solar Comfort is constructed of lifetime metals,
copper, galvanized steel and aluminum.

The Solar Comfort provides even heat distribution and warmer
floors. The Solar Comfort thermostatically controls, circulates and
recycles heated air at the floor for maximum use and comfort. The
floor to ceiling temperature differential is minor. Solar Comfort zone heating does not remove humidity from the air, it actually helps to maintain humidity levels. Water does not readily condense on windows as with conventional systems. Even heating and humidity provide more comfort at lower heat settings with less static electricity.

As the Solar Comfort operates, you will notice that its heating
ability does not depend on a high-speed flow of air. Instead, its
gentle airflow promotes more effective heat mixing action and air
stability at the floor. Soft heat.

The Solar Comfort does not burn, dry out or otherwise pollute the
air with impurities. This protects the humidity level and air quality
important to health and breathing comfort.














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